Our names are Lynn Anne Verbeck and Adrienne Waterston. Together we are creating an Art Center in Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, called ARTery, which we hope will be a place people can gather, see and create art.

About Us
Lynn Anne grew up in Philipsburg, taking art classes throughout my public school education which inspired and fueled a lifelong passion and commitment to making art. 

After receiving her MFA from SUNY New Paltz, she decided to return to her roots in Philipsburg and focus on creating her pottery. 

You can find her work on Instagram at @lynnanneverbeckceramics, Facebook and her website lynnanneverbeckceramics.com

Adrienne comes to the area via many other places, including most recently (but 11 years ago now) San Diego. Adrienne has done art in one form or another her whole life and began exploring silkscreen printing about 8 or 9 years ago? which has become a real passion, combining her love of photography with her digital knowhow, love of abstract composition, color and surface design.

You can find her work on her website at adriennewaterston.com and some photography on Insta @adriennewaterston.

About the Space
We are creating the ARTery to have a place to make art, teach art and promote a love of art. We want the ARTery to be a place for folks to take refuge in making art and finding a sense of community.

We believe having a space to sit and unwind fuels creativity. The plan for the space includes having a coffee shop. Melissa Heartsong will be opening the Heartsong Cafe. Melissa is an experienced barista and really enjoys cooking yummy, healthy, locally sourced food.

We also envision having other arts educators teaching in the space to help give diversity to our class offerings. Let us know if you have an art or craft you would like to teach!

We plan to host art exhibitions in the gallery space and will have an art shop with affordable artwork by local artists.

Of course we could not even be doing this without the help of many people.

We are ever so grateful to the PRC (Philipsburg Revitalization Corporation) for all of their support and for believing in us. You ROCK!

Elizabeth Hay at the SBDC at Penn State has been AMAZING!

We’ve gotten a lot of advice from people who generously gave us the time of day to let us pick their brains, learn from their experiences, ask them pesky questions:

Elaine Wilgus of Webster’s Bookstore Cafe

Amy Frank at The Makery

Randy Tarpy (CPA) of Sickler, Tarpy & Associates

Lynn Anne’s fabulous sister

Moriah Rader Magley of BaeBlue

Camille Sogin at The Rivet

Daryl Hartzler at Kish Insurance

Also, we will be needing help with the demolition and building processes — Thanks so far to Jaimee, and Melissa and Mike for helping us do demolition in the space!! Yay!

Denny Lee Roach (Lynn Anne’s husband), of course, is our main man when it comes to making this dream come true, helping with all the things — the vision, engineering, demolition and the building, and is truly OUR HERO.

If you would like to help out, contact us here — hello@arterypa.net