A new art space + healthy snacks community space coming to Philipsburg, PA

A BIG thank you to the DEAD CANARY for letting us use their beautiful space.

And THANK YOU so much to our local musical acts, the SILVER FOX and SPECIAL BLEND HUNDREDS. You can find the Special Blend Hundreds on BANDCAMP and playing locally. Thank you!!

We had a blast and we hope you did too! Stay tuned for more fun events in the future and updates on the space! It is coming along and we are getting excited about it!

We are becoming a nonprofit!

We have an awesome Board now (posting more about these amazing, generous people soon) and have been doing things like, creating bylaws, and registering with the state as a nonprofit corporation and got our EIN number. Now we are going for our tax exempt status. Gotta jump through the usual hoops, but it’s been fun so far. Wish us luck!

What else we’ve been up to

Made the news apparently — the PRC was granted $100K to build out the two buildings and apartments above by the Centre County Board of Commissioners, Aug 24, 2023!! Which is amazing!

Here’s the article —

“The PRC decided to buy two buildings with the idea of fixing them up and providing the organization with a financial anchor so we’d be in a position to hire an executive director; saving a town is a full-time job,” Eric Kelmenson, president of PRC, said. “Also, we wanted to create a space that would allow for human flourishing so there’s an affordable housing component, which both the community and the county needs, as well as a business incubator and a community arts center.”

Thank you for donating!

05/23/23 — Update! Special thanks goes to Autumn Anderson (Philipsburg Oceola Area HS Art Teacher) for donating several banding wheels and clay tools and art supplies!! Yeah baby!! Thank you so much Autumn!

Be sure to check out our DONATIONS PAGE to see what other people have donated (THANK YOU!!!) and what else we need that you might be able to help with.

From MARCH 2023 — Not sure if you saw the fantastic contributions in March from Nancy Reynolds, Roxanne & Michael Naydan and Scott & Debbie Williamson of Butterfly Bend Pottery? Check our donations page to see our progress.

We are so incredibly grateful for all of your support!


Its official

We are registered with the state of PA as a NONPROFIT!

Now we are on the journey to get our federal tax exempt status so stay tuned. Lots of hoops to jump through but we are rip roaring and ready to go!

We need your help

Check out our Donations page, for a list of items we need to make this space the best it can be.

If you see something you can contribute please contact us and let us know!

(from Town & Gown, Dec 2021)

We did an interview with Lindsey Whissel Fenton for the WPSU Keystone Stories project this past February. This episode is called “The Arts Are Alive”. Lots of interesting and wonderful people doing art and creating spaces for art in PA. It just aired 03.19.22 on WPSU. Check it out!

We are dreaming of a time when we are creating pots and prints and drinking awesome coffee in the space! In the meantime, we are continuing to work on the space, one project at at time …

Check our Blog page and socials for regular posts about our progress!

104 N. Front Street

Artery will be in this space on Front Street in Philipsburg, PA, which is being revitalized by the Philipsburg Revitalization Corporation (PRC) this year (2021). ARTery will be assisting with the renovations, both demolition and buildout of the space.

Who we are

ARTery is being founded by Lynn Anne Verbeck and Adrienne Waterston as an art space featuring pottery and silkscreen printmaking facilities for artists and community members in the back part of the building. A coffee shop / hang out space with an art gallery and art shop will inhabit the front space.

Stay tuned for developments as we help build the space.

Sign up for our newsletter or check out our blog as we go through this process of creating this space! We will also be posting to social media @artery.pa on Insta and FB @arterypa (see links below).

Special thanks goes to…

Eric Kelmenson at the PRC (Philipsburg Revitalization Corporation, a nonprofit, volunteer organization working to improve Philipsburg, PA) for working with us to get us into this space in the first place.

Denny Roach, Jr., for your invaluable building skills, patience, level head and general, all-around good humor.

Elizabeth Hay at the SBDC at Penn State for helping us make our dreams come true.

Melissa Heartsong for entertaining our visions of amazing coffee at the front and helping to make that happen.

Mike Havens — thank you for helping us demolition stuff ! You can find Mike’s amazing photography at @mph.photography on instagram